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I am not a Vue expert :D

A few months ago I created a video to help a student of mine deploy his Vue app to Github pages.

It's a fairly simple process but there are a few things about it that can trip people up. So much so the video has proven to be pretty popular with regular comments and feedback.

I need to point out I am not a Vue expert - far from it: I've never used Vue before.


Screenshot from YouTube with a Vue app showing against a code editor and terminal window

Original description from the video

Deploying Vue to Github Pages is relatively straightforward and the docs contain all (most) of the steps you will need especially if you're comfortable with the command line.

This video just fills in some of the gaps in the process.

It is based on the Vue official documentation for deploying to GH Pages -
There are only two steps on there but additional steps for you may be - making the deploy file executable, enable gh-pages on your repo, filling in the info for your deploy, etc….

You can find my repo for this video here -, it's the default Vue CLI app with two branches -master and gh-pages

I am not a Vue expert, I've never used it really, I am creating this video as a developer I'm mentoring requested it. Also, please be aware that information like this tends to become obsolete over time so may not work for you in the future.