John Behan - Software Engineer

John Behan

Software Engineer

About Me

I am a software developer from Ireland with experience building apps, websites and web applications since 2004. I currently work with NearForm as a full-stack developer working on largescale enterprise Javascript applications. I have worked in several industries including finance, education, property, sport, gaming, arts, e-commerce and technology.

My main points of experience are:

  • Working with Javascript and Node since 2010
  • Working with React since 2016
  • Working in software development since 2004

The language and technologies I work with are Javascript, React, React-Native and Node. Other languages I have experience with are Python, Rust, PHP and C.

I currently work as a full-stack developer. I also have experience in mobile, leadership, mentoring and in the practice of Agile.


These are the technologies I work with and am interested in.

Javascript, Node, React, Rust, Serverless, Jamstack